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25. Esperanto Music Lives

I've gone to a musicians' conference for Esperanto-speakers in the year 2000 just outside the city Toulouse, France. There have been several conferences called Kultura Artista Festivalo Esperantista (KAFE) in this southern French town. About 200 people from 20 countries participated. I was the only North American participating.

I hope a similarly good conference will be held (summer 2009) in Helsingor (pronounce approximately Elsinor or just Elsinoro in Esperanto) outside of Copenhagen, to which I signed up to participate. This is one of a series of conferences on Esperanto music, in Scandinavia, known as KEF or Kultura Esperanto Festivalo. Organizers clarify that the northern conference on Esperanto music emphasizes ORIGINAL esperanto music.

Sat. August 15th, 2009: To sample the conference, which was both in Denmark and Sweden (130 participants) from 30 countries, go to

For samples of live Esperanto music one can link up to the multi-lingual Brazilian site Music Express, based in the capital, Brasilia: MusicExpress en Esperanto . Click on "style or elektu stilon" (on the upper right), go to ESPERANTO and sample some 200 different artists. You may enjoy some diverse Brazilian music while your at it!
Retejo pri muziko kun rajtigita MP3, paĝoj de diversĝenraj artistoj, muziktekstoj kun akordoj, partituroj, novaĵoj, informoj pri albumoj,

There are about 300 music albums or cd's available in Esperanto. Here is a fairly updated list placed at wikipedia:
La liston de tiuj preskaŭ 300 muzikalbumoj metigxis cxe vikipedio: :
The list was organized by Lu Wunsch-Rolshoven
Some more useful links are:
Vinilkosmo: Muziko: Muziko: Muzikeroj de Kajto: Muzikeroj el Afriko: Diversaj muzikvideoj:

Just to remind us of the use of Esperanto in a video of MICHAEL JACKSON (Deceased June 26th, 2009 at the age of 50).

In the beginning of the video appears the line:
"?? chiuj de la mondo konstruas chi tiun skulptajon en la nomo de tutmonda
patrineco kaj amo kaj la kuraca forto de muziko."

or Everyone of the world builds this sculpture in the name of the worldly motherhood and the healing force of music."

With French and Esperanto comments on Michael Jacksons History go to:

Tone of Brazil is a popular Esperanto rapper. Here is his rap on the history of Esperanto, sung by hundred of youth in all corneres of the world. A full translation in English appears in Karaeoke form:

In December 2010 I found this link:

For learning to sing Esperanto lyrics or plays scores or tunes here is a good start:

Karaoke for House of the Rising Sun in Esperanto:!/video/video.php?v=243767855643119¬if_t=video_tag

Polish-born singer, Basia, sings about her homeland, mentioning Esperanto in the English and some partially Polish song, Copernicus: 

About a band in Cali, Colombia calling itself Esperanto: 

Six quality versions of the most popular "anthem" of the Esperanto movement sung at the beginning or more notably the end of the annual World Congress of Esperanto.

Esperanto and yodeling:


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