Friday, January 30, 2009

Will the European Parliament support Esperanto?

Esperanto must be supported by the European Parliament to further understanding. English will not suffice, according to parliamentarian Ljudmila Novak:

Evropski parlament - European Parliament
Esperanto - a common language of communication in the EU?
Sreda, 28. januar 2009

In relation to the document "Language-learning, multilinguism and linguistic diversity", MEP Novak has stepped forward and presented three amendments promoting Esperanto as a possible common language of communication in the European Union. You can find the amendments in MS Word format here. For the moment they are available in Esperanto only.What do you think about this initiative? What are your arguments in favor or against? You have a possibility to express your opinion in our guestbook.

PLEASE VOTE in our poll by clicking here.

For more information on lobbying for Esperanto in England and other parts of Europe see:

Saturday, January 17, 2009



BY Cindy Mckee je 2009-01-16 13:50
Finally Oleg found the right website. He should also consider the following possibilities initiated by others.

Esperanto for Just International Dialog:

Esperanto, a peaceful change, an easy language:

Teach Esperanto to children:

copied and loosely translated from

25th Place But Still a Winner

With a few dozen activists repeatedly reminding thousands of Esperantists to vote at during round two, The Instruction of Esperanto in the Public Schools of the United States came in first in the Education category and 25th over all. This is an accomplishment considering the nearly 600,000 votes cast, over 7,000 proposals in round one and approximately 90 proposals in round two.
Since I only voted for 2 items, while the organizers encouraged everybody to vote for EACH VOTER'S TEN most important issues I'm going to take an unscientific estimate that nearly 100,000 people took part. only announces the NUMBER OF VOTES but not the number of people taking part. I'll update this blog if a get better information.
While initially everbody was told that special support to the top ten ideas would be granted by the organizers, in the day after balloting it was announced that all ideas receiving over 2,500 votes would receive support from We received 3,597 votes. Many of the supporters of the initiative consider Esperanto a big winner. Neil

Thursday, January 1, 2009 SECOND PLACE FINISH

With over two thousand votes favoring Esperanto and three challengers within a hundred votes of us we made it to the second round of votes, beginning January 5th, 2009. Then scroll to INTRODUCE ESPERANTO AS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE SUBJECT IN SCHOOLS
Many enthusiasts (Enrique Ellemberg, Emile Mas, Jose Marquez and numerous others --living notably in France and Brazil--brought about this success). The propanant of the original idea was Oleg Izyumenko, a Swedish student with a very Ukrainian sound to his name.


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