Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nobel Prize, Oscar Arias Sanchez, Amnesty Int., Barcelona

Here is the history of the many nominations of Universal Esperanto Association, Zamenhof, and other leading Esperanto-speakers for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Here is an account of the February 14th, 2012 meeting between Neil Blonstein and Oscar Sanchez Arias (Nobel Prize Laureate and former President of Costa Rica), leaders of Amnesty International, and 2 Barcelonan peace activists, beginners in Esperanto:

Jordi Armadans i Gil of
Javier Alcalde Villacampa

Jordi's father has a long history with Esperanto Conferences.

Neil had the sympathetic ear of leaders of Non-violent Peace Force:
Mel Duncan of Mineapolis, MN/USA
Rolf Carriere, France

This was the basis of a flyer I distributed around the conference hall and to individual representatives:

Additonal details:

Neil's visit to the Nobel Prize Museum in Oslo (summer 2011)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Petr Ginz, Esperantist, Youth, Holocaust Victim at UN

Two minute Youtube clip/trailer of Last Flight of Petr Ginz.
Du minuta Jutubajxo/Ero de la filmo: Lasta Flugo de Petr Ginz.

The same clip and much more ( on past and future screenings in i.a. Jerusalem and Prague) is available at:
The sama klipo and multi pli (pri pasintaj kaj esontecaj spektadoj cxe i.a. Jerusalemo kaj Prago) estas cxe:

During the film-show-premiere at the UN, UEA representative, Neil Blonstein got to know the nephew of Petr Ginz, Yoram Pressburger, son of Chava Pressburger.
Dum la film-montrado/premiero cxe UNO, UEA reprezentanto, Neil Blonstein povis konatigxi kun nevo de Petr Ginz, Joram Pressburger, filo cxe Hxava Pressburger.

The English Wikipedia article on Petr Ginz, gives ample evidence of of the influence of Esperanto on his life.
La angla vikipedia artikolo pri Petr Ginz donas amplan pruvon pri la influo de Esperanto sur la vivo de Petr.

A six minute clip without audio of the film: Last Flight of Petr Ginz.
Ses minuta klipo sen au'deblceo de la filmo: Lasta Flugo Petr Ginz.

The University of Florida describes the film on Petr Ginz and some background information.
Universitato de Florido priskribas la filmon pri Petr Ginz kun iom la fonaj informoj.

Pages and groups on Petr can be found at Facebook.
Pagxoj kaj grupoj pri Petr estas troveblaj cxe Fejsbuk.

This teachers' guide on the film--Last Flight of Petr Ginz--will be published in French, Chinese, Spanish, Russian and Arabic (official languages of the UN) within the year.
Tiu-cxi instruista gvidilo pri la filmo-Lasta Flugo de Petr Ginz--aperos en la franca, cxina, hispana, rusa kaj cxina lingvoj (oficialaj lingvoj de UNO) ene de jaro.

Ambassador Ron Prosor of Israel discusses the work of Petr Ginz while the teenager was at Terezinstadt:
Ambasadoro Ron Prosor de Israelo diskutas la laboron de Petr Ginz, kiel junulo en Terezinsxtadt.

In 2007 the Jewish Forward Newspaper reviewed the Diary of Petr Ginz and gave background information.
En 2007 la juda gazeto, Jewish Forward/Antau'en recenzis La Tag-libron de Petr Ginz kaj donis fonajn informojn.

Lastly, but of high value, Professor Humphrey Tonkin, recently wrote about the literature proving the great infliction of pain and death on Esperantists and the organizational damage to the Esperanto movement caused by the Holocaust in la university level multi-lingual journal, Language Problems and Language Planning.

Laste, sed altvalore, Profesoro Humphrey Tonkin lastempe skribis pri la signifa tragedia influo de la Holokau'sto sur la Esperanto movado cxe nia universitat-nivela mult-lingva jxurnalo pri lingvaj problemoj, Lingvaj Problemoj kaj Lingva Planado.

Jacob Schwartz recommended .

Family Picture:

Photo from Kimberly Mann's powerpoint presentation on May 21, 2015. Kimberly has headed the UN Holocaust Outreach for a few years. She spoke in fronto of 120 NGO reps mentioning Petr Ginz. 


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