Saturday, December 28, 2013

Atheists and Orthodox both call for Esperanto!

 I once met an interesting person named Indi, born in Curacao of Indian background, migrated to Canada and lived a generation in Australia. I'm not certain if this is the same Indi.  I met Indi in Israel in 2000 in a leg of her trip  around the world trip.

Estro de Juda Fako de Touro Universitato prelegas pri Esperanto:

Here is Dr. Abramson's talk on Zamenhof and Esperanto:

Monday, December 23, 2013

Ambassador Ralph Lindsay Harry, Fervent Esperantist from Australia

Details: Presentation of the credentials of the Head of the Mission of Australia to Walter Hallstein, President of the Commission of the EEC
Walter Hallstein, President of the Commission of the EEC, received the credentials of the new Head of the Mission of Australia to the EEC.

Detaloj: Prezento de dokumentaro/pruvilaro de Ralph Harry al Walter Hallstein, Prezidanto de Eu'ropa Ekonomia Komisio. Walter Hallstein akceptas la dokumentaron de Ralph Harry por ke Harry igxu estro de Misio de Au'stralio cxe Eu'ropa Ekonomia Komisio.

I spoke to Ambassador Ralph Harry in Esperanto both at the Esperanto Society of New York and the World Esperanto Conference (UK) of Antwerpin, Australia. He participated in multiple World Conferences.

Among his unique qualities was his humor, and he wrote a book of humor in English and Esperanto.
La Diplomato kiu Ridis/The Diplomat Who Laughed. I've read it.

At an older age. Pli agxe:

Esperanto Wikipedia Bio: 

The Australian National Archive has additional material:,%20ralph%20l/

Esperanto Bibliography:  Out of a hungarian library.
El hungara biblioteko: Libroj de Ambasadoro Ralph Harry, esperantisto.
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Aventuroj en Esperantujo / de Ralph Harry [Könyv], 1994
La Ĉarto de la Unuigintaj Nacioj / Esperanto traduko de Ralph Harry [et al.] [Könyv], 1952
Ĉarto de Unuigintaj Nacioj kaj Statuto de la Internacia Kortumo / tradukintaj de Ralph Harry, Uvo Lapenna, Eskil Svane [Könyv], 1970
Ekologio la alia verda movado : Paroladoj dum la 28-a Aûstralia kaj 57-a Novzelanda Esperanto-Kongreso en Richmond, N.S.K. la 13-an kaj 19-an de januaro, 1992 / redaktoroj Ralph Harry kaj Donald Broadribb [Könyv], 1992
Esperanto : Lingvo de la sporto : Saluton amiko : Konversacio inter sportuloj / [autoro Ralph L. Harry] [Könyv], 1972
Esperanto, internacia lingvo de amikeco : Salut, ami, hello friend, saluton amiko / [autoro R. L. Harry] [Könyv], 1976
Historia kortuma decido / Ralph Harry, 1992
Internacia jaro de la familio : Familioj de diplomatoj : Lingvaj kaj aliaj problemoj kaj avantaĝoj / [Ralph Harry] [Könyv], [1994]

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Jekaterinburg and Glazov, Russia during Zamenhof Day Festivities with Olga Shilyaeva

Esperanto Clubs in Russia may exist about every hundred miles along the Transsiberian Railway. I past Glazov and visited Jekaterinburg, Russia during my train-ride on my way to Vietnam.  Our Esperanto Caravan organizer was from another city not far away, Perm.

In Vietnam I met an enthusiastic youth from Glazov, Olga Shilyaeva, who organized dozens of Esperanto speakers to teach an introduction to a language they knew well. I taught Hebrew to a Pakistani and an Afghani friend among others.

A few months before Zamenhof Day (Esperanto founder's birthday) on December 15th (2013) Olga requested greetings from Esperantists around the world and put a video together. I'm in the middle. It was new technology for me.

Greeting came from Brazil, Colombia, France, Vietnam and the USA. 


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