Saturday, April 24, 2010

37. Park Slope Food Coop Lectures

I've recently lectured twice at the Park Slope Food Coop (16,000 members) on Esperanto. The newsletter (The Linewaiter Gazette available at ) had a few paragraphs on Esperanto. Thousands of members are likely to have read them. Esperantists Maki Sano and Tomaso Eccardt were at the first event. Here is Maki's photo.

Monday, April 5, 2010

36. PODKASTO.NET Esperanto Radio

A Warsaw Esperantist grouped the links of several well-known ongoing radio programs and archives at the easily memorizable site:
Varsovia Esperantisto kunigas ligilojn de pluraj radio programoj cxe facile parkerebla:
also noteworthy/ankau' utilas

In February 2011 after decades of programs at Polish Radio, two employees informed us that the programs were discontinued. There is an archive at the following link:


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