Friday, January 22, 2010

32.Google, National Geographic and James Fallows/Atlantic Monthly on Esperanto

Dec 15, 2009 LL Zamenhof's 150th Birthday
- Founder of Esperanto -
As a consequence of Google's memorial logo for Esperanto MILLIONS OF PEOPLE BROWSED ARTICLES ON ESPERANTO after clicking on the logo. Here is NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC'S RECENT ARTICLE ON ESPERANTO:
L.L. Zamenhof: Who He Was, Why He's on Google Dec 15, 2009 ... No, Google hasn't been taken over by a foreign country. The green-and-white flag over the Google logo today is the banner of the artificial ...

For a comparison of the Esperanto Doodle and others in 2009:

James Fallows is the most prominent American born journalist to write extensively on Esperanto and to write about it several times. To his credit he was speech-writer for President Jimmy Carter and Editor-in-chief of US News and World Report. During the Olympic Games in China he was the most sought after American-born journalist who lived several years in both China and Japan.
James also discusses Esperanto at the English language site on China:

And from a lesser known blog:
Thanks to The Son, who asked me to log in to today. And it turns out that today is the 150th birthday of L. L. Zamenhof, the man who created Esperanto—still the best bet for a stable, neutral, second language to serve as an interlanguage. But the world would rather spend billions up billions hiring simultaneous translators, wiring up all those headphones, paying translators and printing the same document 5 times in 5 different evolved languages. I don’t understand people, sometimes. Well, mostly.

The Google Search Engine with Esperanto interface is

In February 2012 Google Translate offered Esperanto as its 64th language.

Monday, January 4, 2010

31. Neil at Zamenhof Symposium 777 UN Plaza

Maki Sano's photos of December 2009's Zamenhof Symposium is at

All my labeled pictures of the December 15th conference near the UN are available at
at 1. # and
Nearly 70 people participated.
The following picture is also in the middle of the two albums (1.Participants 2. Speakers) is the first frame of a video of me. I spoke for 2 minutes at the 2-7PM event. A few other videos are mixed into the albums.

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