Monday, January 17, 2011

44. James Fallows on George Soros

A year ago during the Google Doodle Green Flag, the famous journalist James Fallows, returned to write about Esperanto, after writing a longer article at the Atlantic Monthly Magazine decades earlier. At the Zamenhof Symposium, 2010, George Soros and his son Jonathan participated. Here are James reviews of a Soros book. It would be nice if we could get both their attentions by translating to Esperanto and maybe another language, simultaneously, Jame's reviews of Soros' books? It doesn't seem impossible, but I think I'm lacking time.

I included James Fallows article a year ago. Two years ago I also found this interview for a Chinese themed blog where Esperanto is mentioned:

He indirectly mentions Psychiatrist Dr. James E. Lieberman, former president of ELNA/Esperanto-USA, one of Fallows earlier Esperanto contacts.


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