Saturday, September 21, 2013

Gandhi , Esperanto and Servas

UEA president, Privat,  with Mohatma Gandhi:

 I suggest that the Esperanto movement publicy exhibit or demonstrate in favor of Esperanto during memorial programs for Gandhi and Martin Luther King.  Gandhi referred to linguistic imperialism.

The Radical Party of Italy, sympathetic to Esperanto. Uses Gandhi as its symbol.

 Mi sugestas ke ni informu pri E-o amase dum festo-tagoj  au' festo programoj pri Martin Luther King kaj Gandhi. Esperanto estas ili de paco, inter-religia kaj inter-rasa kompreno:


English film received from via esperantist, Giridhar Rao: 


Famous Gandhian quotes in E-o: 


Gandhi's opinions on English (In Esperanto and French) at the worker's Esperanto site: 

Indian Esperantist, Giridhar Rao, translated a book about Gandhi:

 Barata esperantisto, Giridhar Rao, tradukis libron pri Gandhi:

Here are some links to Esperanto, the hosting service, Servas and Gandhi: 

  • SI NEWS 2005 en ServasHistory - SI Exco News
    conscientious objector In the capitals of each country the offices of the peaceoriented organisations were visited I guess I recited the plan of open doors for peace hundreds of times In Brief History of Servas The First 25 Years Maris Golding wrote In the aftermath of World War II many people in different parts of the world were striving in isolation to build and strengthen the fragile peace One was Bob Lutiweiler an American conscientious objector who wanted something more positive than mere war resistance While travelling in Europe he found many small groups working in various ways to build and foster a peaceful non violent society He saw the possibility of building a more effective Peace Movement by linking groups through a sharing system of work study and travel combined with home stays In 1949 his idea was realized when at a Folk High School Askov Denmark he and a group of friends worked out details for the Work Study Travel System known as Peacebuilders later 1952 changed to Servas In many countries Working Committees were founded who sent messages to all Open Doors in their countries The newsletters of the British Working Committee in Birmingham were even sent to committees and contact centres of the Work Study Travel System in other countries They produced a handbook for the committees of the system After a year s deliberation it was decided in Hamburg to change the name from Peacebuilders to Servas many had complained that the word Peace was now too much associated with communism In her article in SIN 36 1994 Forty Years in Servas Barbara Whitehead explained that when she joined Servas in 1954 Its pacifist emphasis had already been modified thanks to Senator McCarthy USA but its aims were still educational and international The Esperanto word Servas was chosen to avoid persecution from those who could not tolerate anything with Peace in a name Pat Knowles wrote in her book Servas an experiment in Peace Building 1989 The use of the word Peace was viewed with suspicion in Europe Later she added It was good to see the peace issue re instated with the creation of than international Peace Secretary in 1972 and later national peace secretaries with a similar role Why was the name Servas chosen In 1952 there was much discussion about possible different words and their relation to the needs of the organisation It was agreed that the name must cover not only the Travel System but also the deeper ideas of building a new social order through selfless service based on Gandhian ideas Esperanto came up as the Esperanto movement was spreading fast among the members then Bob Luitweiler was associated with Esperanto and many people especially in East Europe did not speak English and preferred corresponding in Esperanto It was suggested that the Servas Newsletter should be written in Esperanto The name Servas was unanimously decided on as carrying the implication that the movement is based on service In Esperanto ni (2013-03-15)


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New Rules for Esperanto Guests at the United Nations/Novaj Reguloj por Gastoj cxe UNO

Pro konstru-laboroj cxe UNO estas limigataj vizitoj cxe UNO, kredeble sen-pagaj por tiuj kiuj venas kun mi au' alia esperantisto kun jara permesilo-dum 2 tagoj/monate. Ni informu niajn gastojn dum la venontaj monatoj-Nijl:

There are now two ways to register for a tour of the UN:

•The UN is offering special guided tours for UN Staff, NGO Representatives and their guests every first and third Friday of the month. NGO Representatives and their guests may sign up in person at the Public Inquiries counter in advance of every first and third Friday of the month, or on the day of the tour (subject to availability). Tour bookings can also be made by calling extension +1-212-963-4475. Reservations are made on a first come, first served basis with a waiting list for cancellations/no shows.

•Guests may buy tickets in advance online for any day of the week.

There is also further information online at:

Monday, September 2, 2013

Jugoslavian Esperantist Saves Neil and his wife at Italian Border

Neil describe how Balaz Njilas saved him and Frida Bejik Blonstein, his wife, as the Italian rejected their passage in Italy at the Slovenian border of Suzanna.

"Plej agraba rakonto en mia Esperantujo": Dankon al Charles Mays.


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