Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Turkish Film Student, Gun, Submits Document on Esperanto

A must-see. A balanced half hour view by a non-esperanto-speaking Turkish Masters Student at Brooklyn College, CUNY, NY. I took special pleasure watching a film from my Alma Mater. (I studied 4 years at Brooklyn College.) 
Balancita duon-hora analizo pri Esperanto de TURKA Magistra Studento c'e Brooklyn College.

A student from Bengladeshi   background at Brooklyn Tech. High School, Izzy Parsha, also submitted a good film a few years ago.  
An American-Bengladeshi film-student at Brooklyn Tech completed her "final film" and invited esperantists to her class for a group showing.  I enjoyed meeting her teacher, Bruce, who was about to retire. Esperantist, Ferdinand Cesarano was also there. A few students were there, including one of Israeli background, showing a film about her family.  Here is Ralph Dumain's interesting review of the film, linked to Israt's work. Ralph is also interviewed in the film. Israt had interviewed me and Renata Ventura in the UEA-NY  Office.



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