Monday, April 5, 2010

36. PODKASTO.NET Esperanto Radio

A Warsaw Esperantist grouped the links of several well-known ongoing radio programs and archives at the easily memorizable site:
Varsovia Esperantisto kunigas ligilojn de pluraj radio programoj cxe facile parkerebla:
also noteworthy/ankau' utilas

In February 2011 after decades of programs at Polish Radio, two employees informed us that the programs were discontinued. There is an archive at the following link:


Elizabeth Braun said...

Thank you for your visit to and comments on my blog. I have just posted my thoughts on the merits of natural vs artificial languages. If you're intersted, please have a look.

All the best, Elizabeth, Taiwan.

Elizabeth Braun said...

Again, thank you for your visit.

I'm neither a college professor, nor American, so I can't comment on the success or failure of US college langauge programmes. I do know though, from my own experience of studying and then teaching on a UK one, that success or failure is largely a matter or student attitude, diligence and, of course, to some degree, aptitude. If a student takes his studies seriously, works well and takes advantage of all opportunities to practise, he will do well and learn a solid skills base. This is, naturally, not just the case with language studies, but the case with all areas.

As for religions' backing or Esperanto, you'll find the same religions also back wars, military forcces, greedy business ventures and criminal activities within their own ranks (see recent peadophile scandal with the RC church as a very pertinent example!). None of them back the only true hope for world peace - God's Kingdom.

Similar thoughts with Chinese interest in the language. There are also people interested in and researching Esperanto in many countries and, given that China covers a fifth of the world population, I'd be surprised if there weren't some there too! Also, extremist dictators oppose any dissenting movements, whoever they are! They one that stands out to me is Jehovah's Witnesses, who were the *only* ones who could sign a document and be released from the concentration camps etc. THe vast majority preserved their integrity, but they were the only ones given a choice!

I agree with the lady who commented on my post just before you last visit - that you can't force a language to become dominant. It will happen organically or not at all. It won't happen with Esperanto, of that I feel certain! I daresay that's why most profs don't engage in dialogue about it - it's not a realistic enough proposition to merit it, in their opinion.

I'll post some more thoughts on the subject later today, but I don't intend to make a lengthy dialogue about or study of it.

Thanks again for your time and visit, but I fear you'll find my (small) readership unresponsive to your cause!!=)

longge said...
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