Saturday, December 21, 2013

Jekaterinburg and Glazov, Russia during Zamenhof Day Festivities with Olga Shilyaeva

Esperanto Clubs in Russia may exist about every hundred miles along the Transsiberian Railway. I past Glazov and visited Jekaterinburg, Russia during my train-ride on my way to Vietnam.  Our Esperanto Caravan organizer was from another city not far away, Perm.

In Vietnam I met an enthusiastic youth from Glazov, Olga Shilyaeva, who organized dozens of Esperanto speakers to teach an introduction to a language they knew well. I taught Hebrew to a Pakistani and an Afghani friend among others.

A few months before Zamenhof Day (Esperanto founder's birthday) on December 15th (2013) Olga requested greetings from Esperantists around the world and put a video together. I'm in the middle. It was new technology for me.

Greeting came from Brazil, Colombia, France, Vietnam and the USA. 

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