Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nobel Prize, Oscar Arias Sanchez, Amnesty Int., Barcelona

Here is the history of the many nominations of Universal Esperanto Association, Zamenhof, and other leading Esperanto-speakers for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Here is an account of the February 14th, 2012 meeting between Neil Blonstein and Oscar Sanchez Arias (Nobel Prize Laureate and former President of Costa Rica), leaders of Amnesty International, and 2 Barcelonan peace activists, beginners in Esperanto:

Jordi Armadans i Gil of
Javier Alcalde Villacampa

Jordi's father has a long history with Esperanto Conferences.

Neil had the sympathetic ear of leaders of Non-violent Peace Force:
Mel Duncan of Mineapolis, MN/USA
Rolf Carriere, France

This was the basis of a flyer I distributed around the conference hall and to individual representatives:

Additonal details:

Neil's visit to the Nobel Prize Museum in Oslo (summer 2011)

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