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47. The Holocaust and Esperanto

Many UN memorials occur on the Holocaust and other genocides. Here is an attempt for a flyer on Esperanto at such events. It can and will be improved.


Charlie Chaplin predicted the Holocaust in The Great Dictator. In the film, signage in the Jewish Ghetto is in Esperanto:,24,9,1.html

Here is a memorial song to the dead in Auschwitz.

On the 12th of April, 2011, in a New York festivity, the republication of the English translation of the Esperanto piece, Masquerade, of Tivadar Soros (father of George) was launched. This literary work deals with the successful survival of the Soros Family in Budapest during the systemic persecution and killing of Hungarian Jews by the hands of the Nazis in the final years of the Second World War.

This party, in the home of the financier, George Soros, son of Tivadar, brought together groups of outstanding intellectuals of the region; among others were the head editor of the New York Review of Books, representatives of the New York Times, several literary talents, and the known television commentarian, Bill Moyers. Specialists on Esperanto, Prof. Esther Schor and author Arika Okrent were present.

Tivadar Soros. Masquerade: The Incredible True Story of How George Soros’ Father Outsmarted the Gestapo. New York: Arcade Publishing. 2011. 275pĝ.
Tivadar Soros. Crusoes in Siberia and The Fairest Judgment. New York: Mondial. 2010. 31+93pĝ.

212 687 7041

Comment not in flyer:In 1974 I met Miryam Ginz during several hours. She was the mother of Petr Ginz. She was kind and motherly to me, a young Esperantist bicyling Israel.
Sekve de la programo cxe UNO oni malkovris ke Petr Ginz, filo de cxeh-israelaj esperantistoj, skribis au'tobiografion. Filmo estas jam disvastigata cxe UNO kaj ankau' libro sekvos.
Petr Ginz estis filo de konataj israelaj/denaskaj cxehaj esperantistoj. Jam UNO kunlaboras en disvastigo de materialoj pri la vivo de Ginz.

Mi korespondis samteme, ecx samtempe kun Petro Chrdle kaj Miroslav Malovec.

The Holocaust and the United Nations Outreach Programme

Two Jewish teachers and leaders of the New York Esperanto movement, Julius Balbin and Alexander Harkovsky, discuss the Holocaust:

Neil Blonstein was bicycling with a few Danes (1974 or 1976) when he came across Mauthausen, Austria Concentration Camp mentions by Julius Balbin.

A play about the daughter of Zamenhof, Lidia, while she is is in the Warsaw Ghetto.

The Red Cross acknowledged the usefullness of Esperanto following WWII.
Henri Masson Kvankam tio ne rekte rilatas kaj kvankam tio estas en la franca lingvo, povus esti utile diskonigi ankaŭ paĝon, kiu temas pri la homeca aktivado de la esperantista movado dum la du mondmilitoj kaj ĝia rilato kun la Ruĝa Kruco :

An article recommended by UEA worker, Tobiasz, of Poland on the Polish resistance, and attempts to sobatage Auschwitz via inside intelligence reports: 
The UN-New York is having its 2013 annual Holocaust exhibit, most of which is visible in these 30 pictures. A quarter of it is dedicated to the Pole, Jan Karski, who averted about the on-coming Holocaust. Another section, last year being a quarter the program, this year a smaller section, is on the Czech Jewish child-victim, Petr Ginz ( died 14 yrs. old), whose biography/autobiography and film is supported in multiple translations by the UN. Petr's parents and sister survived the concentration camps. Together with the help of the Esperanto movement (for which the family were activists) spread the word about materials left by Petr. I met parents Miryam and Ota Ginz in Israel in the 1970's. Petr's nephew appeared at special events last year at the UN.
A Polish Esperantist participated in a local memorial in a smaller city:
Youthful 85 year-old Holocaust survivor, successful animator Yoram Gross expressed interest in saying something in Esperanto for this presentation at the UN:  
 Yoram grew up in Poland, had an extended stay in Israel, and a strong career in film in Australia. 
Many old links of the entire Great Dictator have been destroyed....perhaps on copyright issues: 

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