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Esperanto Demonstrations and Group Photos

I would like to make an Esperanto-group for Esperanto Street Demonstrations and Group Photos. Here is a very nice song sung by non Esperantists with dozens of group photos in the background video.

I was among 30 Esperantists who demonstrated with 200,000 other at the World Social Forum of Porto Alegre, Brazil 2005. We also organized two lectures with perhaps 200 participants. I found it while wandering the internet into South America----Cordoba, Argentina more precisely. Thanks/Dankon.

Group photos around the world with the song Volas Ni--We Want from the Czecholslovakian group "Team"--pronounced Tay-am and meaning the same en English....and I love you in French.
Grup-fotoj cxirkau' la mondo kun la kanto "Volas Ni" de Cxehxoslovaka kanto-grupo "Team".

Here are a number of group photos of the largest annual " Universala Kongreso".

Forty or fifty Esperantists spread out in the Plaza of Arunda, Spain and after freezing for a minute or two yelled out "Esperanto Bridge Language for the World".

Group photos with music by Jomo:
Placxas al mi komenca kanto kun video de grup-fotoj el dudeko da landoj kaj multaj urboj.

For several years Catholics and Roman Esperanto speakers demonstrate in front of the Pope at the Vatican.

A young Danish Esperantist talks about Esperanto (and in it) at a peace demonstration.

Group pictures with music by Sinkopo, Masko Productions.

A new Hotel Esperanto (July 2012) in Macedonia, with a group of Esperantists in front.
Nova Hotelo Esperanto en Makedonio:

Esperanto t-shirts. I buy from but here is an ad for another. I wear over 20 different Esperanto t-shirts, many designed by myself. 

 Photos out of the early Israeli Esperanto Movment.
Fotoj el la frua Israela E-o Movado: 1943-1945: 

Out of Tagikstan/Tagxikio

The last 7 minutes of this Russian/Ukrainian overview of Esperanto is full of recent group photos. 
It has subtitles in Esperanto. 

Esperanto in the Social Forum Movement in several countries. Naration in Esperanto. From minute 12:45 several photos are shown of Esperanto participation in Social Forums in Brazil, India and Africa. 

A real demonstration and some special effects in the Ukraine makes for an interesting link: 

I like this discussion on English spelling reform. People actually demonstrated against the unlogical spelling of English during spelling bees: 

A 20 foot street sign in Slovenia of the Postal Union with stamps from throughout Europe with large words in Esperanto: Beautiful Greetings--Belajn Salutojn.

Less on Esperanto but on the intermixing of nations I'm attracted to the fact the Hebrew and Esperanto are the top languages used in this Paris street-sign.

About half the participants in Bialystok Poland World Esperanto Conference:

Somewhere during the Social Forum of Porto Alegre Brazil, Neil Blonstein held a large Esperanto sign:

The centrist anti-death penalty Radical Party/No Peace No Justice NGO demonstrate in Rome for Esperanto generally and at the Vatican Easter programs of the Pope in particular:

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