Friday, September 21, 2012

UK-2012-Hanoi Karaoke Song With Film

I participated in Karavano-2012 (over 30 participants), Universala Kongreso de Esperanto-2012 in Hanoi (almost 1,000 participants)  and International Youth Conference of Esperanto (only two older Americans were at the Youth Conference unfortunately--the Asian majority of some 200 full and part-time participants were mostly under 30 years old.)

The following link includes photos of the seven day mostly adult Universala Kongreso.

A young all-Vietnamese group of a dozen singers, named Rizoj (or Rice in the plural) entertained us several times.  A leading contributor is Cung, who plays guitar nicely. We jammed a few times in Hanoi.  Most singing members, and most Vietnamese Esperantists are young women, recent graduates of international and foreign language university programs. One of them, Anh, said as much as 90 of these university departments are women. Here they sing the same song as the Karaoke version.

Former New Yorker, Enrique Ellemberg,  Argentinian by birth, did a good job posting pictures of UK with trilingual descriptions.

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