Saturday, November 15, 2014

Jetsons 1962 First Episode Judy Jetson Studies Esperanto, Rosie the Robot Offers to Help.


Relavant minute:

Hey, where did you get the antique jukebox? Shush! Now, say heIIo to our new maid, Rosey, EIroy.
HeIIo to our new maid, Rosey, EIroy.
Can you throw a forward pass? I'm not sure, but I'II try.
Hi, Mother.
I'm home.
Judy, I thought you were going swimming.
Not with aII these homework tapes I have to Iisten to tonight.
GeopoIitics, Esperanto, space caIcuIus.
I'II never be finished.
I couId heIp you, Miss Judy.
I'm wired for tape anaIysis.
I shouId have aII the answers for you in about 1 0 minutes.
Judy, this is our new maid, Rosey.
Am I ever pIeased to meet you.
Rosey, you are out of this universe.

One minute clip (you may need a FB account??):

The whole episode without sound.

The picture is the precise moment that Esperanto is mentioned.

Esperanto was mentioned in the very first episode of "The Jetsons", a popular American cartoon series about a family of the future. The show debuted in 1962 and is set in the year 2062. Here's a video I made of the relevant segment from a website.
Esperanto estis menciita en la unua epizodo de "The Jetsons", populara usona televida karikatur-serio pri familio de la estonteco. La programo debutis en 1962 kaj okazas en la jaro 2062. Jen video kiun mi faris de la koncerna segmento el retejo.

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