Wednesday, November 5, 2008

1.Getting friends to learn Esperanto

Recently, an Esperanto Friend, e-mailed that he wants Esperantists to get the UN to participate in a petition of sorts that would get people to learn Esperanto if, let's say, a certain number of people promised to learn the language. He may have said 50,000. It's not too important the number is negotiable. Whereas there may be a few million people who speak or read or do both in Esperanto the number, we only can have intelligent estimates, usually based on how many Teach Yourself Books or Dictionaries have been sold, distributed etc. Some estimate based on how many people join local groups or come to national conventions.
Martin Schlaefer is encouraging this petition idea. Wouldn't it be nice if 50,000 people would learn Esperanto simultaneously, probably on-line or some other method (courses, Teach Yourself Books etc) . Zamenhof had this idea early on.
I believe Esperanto is most effective when you study a few lessons, go somewhere where other people really want to talk in Esperanto, or better yet somewhere where nobody speaks English. Wishful Thinking! Neil

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