Thursday, December 31, 2009

30. Esperanto and Religions

Thousands of religious people advocate Esperanto but I can't find a seperate list of their websites and or discussion groups. This is an initial start. Contact me if there is a better one in English or Esperanto. I'm quoting the 2009 Yearbook of Universal Esperanto Association.


 ne plu valida:

Christian :



4. Mormons

5. Quaker (left bottom to links in English and Esperanto)

6. Spiritism

Islamic: and  The Kuran/Koran in Esperanto on-line. I own the paper version for several decades.

League of Good Will (Brazilian-based):


Unitarian Univesalists/Unitarian Universalist Esperanto Network

Ateista Tutmonda Esperanto-Organizo (World Atheist Esperanto Organization) (Invalid April 2012)
2011 article:

Atheist Esperantists (ATEO) publishes Ateismo in paper and on line. (Sample newsletter, scroll to midpage).

There is a recent book on Esperanto and Christianity. It has a few translations. The Portuguese translator hosted me in Brazil.

Esperanto, spoken by the today's (2012) German Pope, while Esperantists "demonstrate" nearby in support of Esperanto.

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