Sunday, November 28, 2010

43. Social Networking Services

Until a year ago, at a lecture at the UN, I thought that Facebook and Myspace were the only two competing Social Networking Services on-line. Then I learned that language and region is still dividing the usage of Computer Social Networking Services. I discovered through Esperanto that Ipernity is quite popular among Esperanto speakers, so I'm now checking my Ipernity and Facebook accounts on a daily basis. I admire the ample photos and movies on Ipernity but I seem need to learn more how to use it best to expand my circle of Esperanto friends. A leading Iranian Esperantist, Reza, has over a thousand friends, perhaps all Esperanto-speakers. I thought it unfortunate that the list of Social Networking Services on Wikipedia did not include Ipernity. Perhaps I'll edit that--with some luck--I'm a novice at Wikipedia. Here is the list Since this list also includes Couchsurfing and Hospitality Club, I was wondering if Pasporta Servo ( will also qualify?


Ant said...
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Ant said...

Konsidere ke Couchsurfing estas sur la listo, mi certe kredas, ke PS kvalifikiĝas


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