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Zamenhof Esperanto Memorials-Objects-Stamps World-wide

This site gives you photos of hundreds of postage stamps from most countries of the world commemorating famous Esperanto speakers, the language or the founder of the movement, Zamenhof.

This is a modest sampling of streets named after L.L.Zamenhoff or Esperanto. A decade ago a paper book on the subject was published. There were over a thousand Zamenhoff-Esperanto Objects or ZEO's. If you click on the city link you will see the picture of the street sign, monument or building.

In Hungary some 210 streets and monuments are named after a 100 leading hungarian Esperanto-speakers. In many cases the monument or street sign will be bilingual

Henri Masson built the following slide-show:

Photo of the popular Dizengoff Circle, Tel Aviv from where Zamenhof St. radiates.
This picture is probably from the early years of its existence (1930's)
The Zamenhof Street sign is used at one of the Facebook Groups on Zamenhof:
Several of these lightable signs were placed before the World Esperanto Conference of Tel Aviv, 2000.

An article about the neighborhood around Zamenhof St., Tel Aviv, Israel. I commented there.
La artikolo cxefe traktas la valorajn domojn/maklerajxon de la strato sed ankau' priskribas la laboron de L.L.Zamenhof.

In 2013, after my trip to Israel, I found this, regarding the demolished Zamenhof Clinic. Will part be renovated?
Reklamo pri luksaj novaj planataj domoj sur Zamenhof, Strato, kie antau'e staris Zamenhof Kliniko, konata al cxiuj telavivanoj dum jardekoj.http://www.rozio-estate.co.il/project_eng.aspx?item=75

My travel album April 2013: 

The Life of Zamenhof in photos.

Zamenhof Multi-cultural Center of Bialistok:
Esperanto Kultur-centro en Bialistoko:

Bialystok of Zamenhof's time:

As a former merchant marine I'm curious of ships named Esperanto.

Many ships have or had the name Esperanto or Zamenhof:

Real and imagined monuments and stamps with the song Esperanto Planet:
Stamps with music? In the first minute and 30 seconds. 

One village in England with several monuments due to the enthusiasm of a former mayor.


Thousands of post  cards and pictures in the National Library of Austria about Esperanto:

2012  A new statue in a small French City:

Not an object---the grandson of L.L.Zamenhof, elderly but alive in 2013, with a picture with the mayor of his grandfather's birth-city, Bialystok.

The Jewish Bialystok site has given appropriate acknowledgement to Zamenhof.

Another excellent mural is in the Jewish Quarter, Muranow, Warsaw.

The international Police Officers Association, in 2011, with over 400,000 members uses Esperanto on it official symbol. http://www.ipernity.com/doc/32119/11880119

For decades the Bulgarian Esperanto Movement was the strong, until the fall of communism around 1989. Swiss radio dealt will the large educational hotel and school in Pisanica:
Jen radioelsendo pri ĝi: http://www.esperanto-gacond.ch/Claude_Gacond_Radioprelegoj-1983.html - elsendo n-ro 659, 1983.02.03 & 05, "La bulgaroj bone laboris." Ĝi ekzistas tekste kaj sone, malfermeblaj en apartaj fenestroj kaj vi povas legi kaj aŭskulti samtempe la prelegon.

A Zamenhof statue stood a Pisanica, Bulgaria near an Esperanto Center/Hotel: 

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