Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Women Activists and Esperanto

While Esperanto, like all 100 year-old movements I know, is male-dominant, there are notable women who stood out in the movement for decades. In a list of the 100 most famous Esperantists
I found the following women, half of whom I've met or read about in the past:

Belka Beleva--Actress in Bulgarian theatrical group which regularly performed in Esperanto.
(Passed away 2012).

Marjorie Boulton- Oxford professor and Esperanto author i.a biography of Esperanto founder.

Clelia Conterno Guglielminetti

Hilda Dresen  (1896 en KolgaHarjumaa, died the 5th of February 1981 in Tallinn) was esperantist poetess Estonian, Soviet Citizen and  Radiotelegraphist

Marie Hankel

Julia Isbrucker - Famous Dutch Esperanto-organizer, Teacher, Co-founder Cseh Institute Building, Hague, Conference on Inter-religious Dialogue, Hague, 1928

Rosa Junck

Tyyne Leivo-Larson

Perla Martinelli -- Italian author/publisher of Esperanto books.

Ada Sikorska--Lived decades out of her native Poland (Belgium, Spain, Italy)--editing a popular Esperanto newsletter: Heroldo

Spomenka Stimec'-- Croatian and Esperanto author, Esperanto teacher.

Verda Majo -- Japanese anti-war activist active in China.

Lidja Zamenhof - Esperanto teacher, Bahai author, daughter of the founder.

Two of my own picks are:

Rochelle Grossman- Organizer of 1. The New York City Esperanto Society and 2.Esperanto for the UN Office

Ursula Grattapaglia- German-born School Supervisor in rural Brazil with numerous Esperanto-volunteers/ Rotarian activist

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