Monday, August 12, 2013

1939 Truth or Propaganda in Bialystok, Poland

This Yiddish video probably shows much of 1939 Bialystok, but I'm wondering if it was made after German occupation and then spread as propaganda and actually filmed before the occupation.  In the 4th minute the home of LL Zamenhof is shown and with a memorial sign, in Bialystok.

Estimataj gesamideanoj, en la parto 4:00 aperas en la filmeto la domo de Zamenhof. Kvankam la filmo estas en la jida lingvo, gxi enhavas subtitolojn en la angla lingvo. Mi esperas ke vi sxatos!

A new Museum of Polish Jews has some news about Zamenhof:,ludwik-zamenhof-and-the-jewish-question-a-selection-of-sources/

From the Wikipedia article on Bialystok it is clear that 1939 was a difficult year with both Germans and Russians vying for control--the film might have been German or Russian Propaganda: 

With the beginning of World War II, Poland was invaded by Nazi Germany and Soviet Union and initially the city came under Soviet control, as a result of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. It was incorporated into the Byelorussian SSR from 1939 to 1941 as the capital of the Belastok Voblast.[22][23] After the Nazi attack on Soviet Union in 1941, the area was taken over by Germans and the city became the capital of Bezirk Białystok, a separate region in German occupied Poland, until 1944.[24][25]

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Anonymous said...

Laŭ Juda Filmoarkivo de Steven Spielberg tiu ĉi filmo ne estas germana fipropagando. Ĝi estas produktita de Jicĥak Goskind kaj celis kvestadon inter judoj transmigrintaj al Usono.



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